Time's Up...

It's been a really fun ride, but we just don't have the resources to keep iPandanda.net running! We've progressed much further than you may know... We started last year. We planned to keep the young fans of Pandanda entertained, and re-unite you, and the fans with the friends they lost when Pandanda closed down. That idea brought us here, today. We're really proud of our work, and are very sad to be ending it today.

We'd love to thank ALL of our fans and supporters and everyone who donated, to help our innovations run longer!

We loved working as a Team, and entertaining each individual user! We'd like to thank you all, and hope you keep the good memories of iPandanda.net safe with you!

We'll update you on any changes here. Thank You all - and most importantly Sunleaf Studios for giving us an amazing base to create such fun achievements and memories from! ... And a little shout out to one of our biggest supporters Sherman. We'd also like to thank some of our friends at iPandanda.com, who worked aside iPandanda.net, and helped build us up to today.

Yours Sincerely
The iPandanda team